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Why Solid Surface...?

Five excellent reasons to choose solid surface...

Solid surface has no messy seams...  No one likes to see the seam, and with solid surface, you don't have to.  When pieces are bonded together and sanded down, the seam just disappears, and everything appears to flow together into one continuous piece.  Additionally, solid surface sinks are bonded to the countertop material for an easy-to-clean, no-caulk finish!  Backsplash can also be coved.  There is simply no other product that works quite like solid surface!

Unparalled design versatility...  With seamless technology and literally hundreds of colors to choose from, solid surfacing can be streched as far as your imagination.  Borders and inlays can accent and complement main colors.  Full-high cove splash can continue up the wall to windowsills and cabinets.  Two-tone showers and tub surrounds can provide lasting elegance and beauty.  Just imagine it, and let us make it happen!

Non-porous and anti-microbial...  For the ultimate choice in sanitary, easy-to-maintain countertops, solid surface is the only choice!  No wonder that it is one of the few products approved by the FDA for food preparation areas.  With solid surface, you can be confident that when it looks clean, it is clean!

100% reparable and renewable...  There is no product quite as forgiving as solid surface.  Scratches can be buffed out, chips filled and sanded smooth, and cracks repaired as if they had never even happened!  Although these things are rare, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your investment can look brand new for decades brings added security and comfort.

Amazing long life...  Properly maintained, solid surface countertops can last forever!  The material does not age, discolor, or wear out.  Because solid surface countertops usually outlast the cabinets that they sit on, it is not uncommon for us to reshape existing countertops to a new cabinet layout.  Try doing that with granite, quartz, or laminate! 


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